Very early on, the promoters of the Tools of the Trades Show realized that in order to communicate the very existence of the show, they would have to advertise. The postcard was chosen as the primary means of reminding interested parties and previous attendees, of an upcoming show. Names and addresses were compiled over the years and the list now stands in excess of 1000 names. Presented below are examples of many of the postcards which have been sent out since 1980. In keeping with the theme of the show the subject matter of the image is usually related to tools and the use thereof.

There are gaps in the chronological sequence of the postcards. If any person is able to supply images of the missing postcards, they will be added to this gallery, and with a heartfelt thanks.

A financial decision has been made to end the mailing of postcards in favor of an electronic postcard to be delivered to anyone who signs up for the email available at the bottom of each page on this site. Rising postage rates and printing costs have sounded the death-knell for this long standing tradition. It is our hope that a small number of postcards will continue to be printed and made available at the shows for interested parties.